Blu Cig Starter Kits – Your Choice to a Perfect Alternative to Real Cigarette

Blu cig offers users the best satisfying and pleasing experience as a pure alternative to traditional cigarette. This is an electronic cigarette that works with the combination of battery and cartridge filled with e-liquid containing nicotine and other ingredient.

There are many choices of electronic cigarette but its best you take hold of one that readily offers you the best value for your money. Blu cig is one brand that can guarantee you that experience as it is known for quality and safety electronic cigarette experience.

You may want to consider e-cigarettes from Blu cig and get the feel of the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes. One of the best attractions to e-cigarette is the starter kit. It comes with many attractive features that are highlighted below.

Blu cig has different types of kits to choose from and the popular kits you can take advantage of include: Blu Original, Blu Premium, and Blu Premium100. These kits are rechargeable and they have features that allow you to recharge your batteries on the go.

It should also interest you to know that with the Blu Premium and Blu Premium 100 kits there is an alert system that tells you that other users of the product are nearby. This is so amazing it isn’t it?
There is more about the Blu cig electronic cigarette kit you should know. It comes with 5 flavor cartridges that is approximate to 1250 puffs. Wow! This means you have invariably more vapes to make and would have the freedom to vape any place you want.

About the Blu cig e-cigarette flavor cartridges

Every e-cigarette has cartridges that contain the nicotine liquid heated up to give the vapor puff seen as smoke. Blu cig has flavored cartridges that ensure users never get to experience tobacco smoke, smell, and ash. The flavors for all kits are made from ingredients made in the USA by Johnson Creek.

Finally, you should consider the Blu Cigs Starter kit to begin your ultimate e-cig smoking experience. The ease of usage and the flexibility of the product should be an attraction any time and any day.